Public Projects and Exhibitions

Down To Earth (video)

Down To Earth

Slow Down – Mojave Desert

Fragile Structures – Breil Sur Roya, France

Ephemeral Installation – Southern France

What’s next for Earth’s contributions

Seed Swap with the Verdancy ProJect

Ligne De Vie, Poèmes pour Loup

Leave No Trace

Michele Guieu Our House Site Specific Installation

Our House

Extraction – Fabrication – Pollution

Exponential – Desert Dairy Art Residency

Participatory Installation

Keep the Rainforest Alive at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art

Plankton Soup Participatory Exhibition at the Tech Interactive

Plankton Wall at ARTIK Art and Architecture

The Blue Marble at Pacific Art League

Le Temps que Dure Le Chemin

Le Temps que Dure Le Chemin at INSERM/INMED Marseille

Bio Ink Plankton Cloud at the Tech Museum

The Ocean is Calling: Extinct Species

The Ocean is Calling: Awesome Plankton

Plankton Soup with Plastic at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

The Ocean is Calling: – A Public Art Activation Project

‘Coastal Cleanup 2018’ at Palo Alto Baylands Nature Center

Plankton Blooms at Art San Diego Fair

Bio Ink Plankton Cloud Project at the Bio Tinkering Lab

Mapping Local Environment Data

Arousing Biophilia

Plankton Blooms

Invisible Borders

Art in the Age of X

Plankton to Constellations at Montalvo Arts Center

Dive into The Deep Blue

Plankton Explorations

Coastal Cleanup installation

Plastic Addiction

Plankton: Our Invisible Foundation

To A Bright Future

Coastal Cleanup

L’eau C’est La Vie, a series inspired by water

Species Encounter: Dive In! at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art

Species Encounter: Dive In! at SubZERO Festival

Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014: Caring and Daring

Species Encounter at The Tech Museum

Species Encounter at San Jose Convention Center

Sip. Do Not Gulp. at the De Saisset Museum

Waterdreams, a series inspired by water


Species Encounter at The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History MAH

Species Encounter at SubZERO Festival

Carpe Diem

Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2013: Water Memories

The Billboard Art Project

Let’s Fight Till Six and Then Have Dinner

Defragmentation 66

Defragmentation: Rearranging Bits and Pieces of Memory

Summer Salon Series, San Diego Museum of Art

Correspondences and Elevation at the San Diego Art Institute

Biodiversity Series

Lucy, Darwin and Me at Art Produce Gallery

War Days, Cygnet Theatre Company / Rolando Theatre

C’est La Vie, San Diego Art Institute

Here it’s Peace, San Diego Art Institute