Slow Down – ArtIST Residency In the Mojave Desert

Slow Down
Ephemeral installation in the Mojave desert made of rocks found on site
Desert Dairy Artist Residency, Twentynine Palms, California
February  2022

GPS coordinates here.

Slow Down is my third site-specific ephemeral installation at Desert Dairy Artist Residency in Twentynine Palms, California. The expanse of the Mojave desert is the perfect setting to spend time in nature to create installations using only materials I find on-site. This time, I used small rocks. I spent ten days working outside, in silence and slowly, feeling the light changing, the heat going up and down, and the frequent wind. Slowing down is something we need to all reflect on in a world that may soon not have all the energy and resources that we take for granted today. I believe that, at this point, a collapse is inevitable, but it does not necessarily mean it will happen suddenly. In fact, we certainly are already living in it. There is still time for building resilience, focusing on what is meaningful, and reconnecting to nature.

The other site-specific installations I created at Desert Dairy in the Mojave:
Limits (2023)
Our house (2021)
Exponential (2020)

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