Limits – ArtIST Residency In the MojaVe Desert

Site-specific Installation in the Mojave desert
made of rocks and rusted metallic containers found on site
Desert Dairy Artist Residency, Twentynine Palms, California
February  2023

GPS coordinates here.

This was my fourth Artist Residency at Desert Dairy in Twentynine Palms, California. I feel privileged to had the opportunity to take 10 days in the Mojave desert to do art exploration. I do love to work outdoors, and that is what I am hoping I will do more when I live in Bend. That’s one reason I am very happy to move –being closer to nature.

I decided to do this year’s installation close to Slow Down, which I made last year. Slow Down is still there, and it looks even better than when I finished it a year ago. It looks smooth because it rained, and the ground has no footprints. I am very happy to see this one a year after. I am not sure many people saw it. It is difficult to find unless you have the GPS coordinates.

This year I also worked with rocks. They are so fabulous. I also added rusted metallic containers. There is an old unauthorized dump outside of the Desert Dairy property where, unfortunately, they are many.

I collected several full wheelbarrows of rusted cans and wheeled them back to the spot where I was working at. It is only 0.15 miles (200 mètres) between the two.

As a tool, I only used a hammer to flatten the cans. Otherwise, I had the wheelbarrow, a bucket, 2 sticks, and some string to draw circles in the sand.

The other site-specific installations I created at Desert Dairy in the Mojave:
Slow Down (2022)
Our house (2021)
Exponential (2020)

Bird eye’s view of Limits – detail (drone photo by Randy Smith).
Bird eye’s view of Limits – detail (drone photo by Randy Smith).

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