Artist Statement


These disrupted and defining times are pushing us to act even more. As we are running out of time, I am focusing my energy on channeling the urgency of the situation through community awareness.

I am an eco-artist and an eco-art educator living in densely populated Silicon Valley, between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay’s fragile and diverse eco-systems. The art installations and projects I create are oriented towards a better understanding of our surroundings, the consequences of human activity on the biosphere, especially on our watershed and the ocean. In a time of an unprecedented climate crisis, I engage the public and my young students to reflect, collaborate and create, focusing on what we must take care of: nature, which we are part of. The Earth is much more than an ensemble of resources and now is the time to dramatically change our relationship to the living world.

In the recent years, I have learned about The Human Predicament. After a long period of exponential growth and the environmental degradation that has accompanied that growth, human civilization is facing the possibility of a systemic collapse within decades. Some stages of this collapse are already underway (rapid extinction of many species), but it is still possible to change the course we’re on. However, if we do not face the reality of the situation we have created, and if we do not realize that environment, energy, economy, and equity are connected, we will lose our chance at a future. So my work now is now oriented towards more systemic thinking, like in “Exponential”, my last site-specific installation.  


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