Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2013: Water Memories

March 22 & 23, 2013
24-hour non-stop with more than 100 scientists, artists & activists from 5 continents presenting, and interacting with people online, and in nodes in Australia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, USA and Argentina.

Info & Program
Press Release

I am very excited to participate to this unique event, which will happen simultaneously around the world on March 22 and 23. Everyone participating and/or attending will be able to discuss through a well organized online meeting system, where participant will show material (video, photos, diagrams…) and present works about Water Memories and Tomorrow’s landscapes.

mosaic 02

“I Remember”, my series of short videos of memories I have about water is selected.  The footage and photos were taken at different locations through the years: Mauritania, Senegal, Yellowstone National Park, Oregon, Vallée des Merveilles, San Diego. Water is an important part of my life – I always lived closed to an ocean, a sea or a river. My father being a geologist and my mother a biologist, water was the subject of many discussions in our family and I learned at a very early age to love and respect it.