Carpe Diem

As I was preparing my piece for the SubZERO festival, I was also working on my piece for the group show “Vanitas” at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose. Vanitas opens the same night as SubZERO happens, I thought it was interesting to relate both events. Revisiting the theme of the classic vanitas was an interesting idea. I decided to work with objects and light, with the same technique I am using for SubZERO: a shadow display. I enjoyed working with the distances between the veil and the light and the different objects/ My Vanitas is “Carpe Diem” – Enjoy the day – and a reference to the fact that the insects will be OK – if Homo Sapiens happens to disappear (the opposite is of course not true, we would disappear in two generations if the insects happen to be wiped out of the surface of the planet).
The series on the wall comes from the research I’ve made while working for the lit corridor for SubZERO.
The result is a series of 6 small archival prints. Each image is a limited edition of 5.

Vanitas – Group show at Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, California.
part of the South First Fridays Art Walk in downtown San Jose