What a Wonderful Creek! Video project

Sausalito Art Festival Foundation / Teaching Artists Program / 3rd grade, Sausalito, CA, Spring 2013.


This video is the result of a collaboration with a group of third graders and their teachers, from Sausalito in California. The school has worked on a 5 year project about the reclamation of the creek flowing nearby the school. During the last months of the project (Spring 2013), the school, through the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation, asked me to collaborate with the students and to make a video document about the project.

I went to the school and worked with the students on a storyboard. They filmed and conducted the interviews. And they also did some of the editing. The idea was to work in small groups and to have each child experimenting with each aspect of the making of the video. The way we did things was very open and flexible, the teachers (there were two) did a great job organizing the groups and making things possible in the time we had.

As a videographer, I work with my own kids on projects. “What a Wonderful Creek!” is my first video work with elementary students. It was a fun and rich experience, about a great environmental topic: the conservation of an eco-system, encompassing history, biology, sociology, music and arts.

Sausalito Art Festival Foundation / Teaching Artists Program