Le Temps que Dure Le Chemin at INSERM/INMED Marseille

Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée INMED UMR1249
Marseille, France
From January 1 to December 31, 2019

These paintings and drawings were created between 1990 and 2000. They are inspired by my stays at 6000 Ft in a refuge in the Vallée des Merveilles with the team of Pr. De Lumley (Musée de L’homme, Paris) studying the numerous bronze age petroglyphs, from trips to the vast plains of the American West in the Four Corners region, and from my teenage years spent with my family in Senegal and Mauritania.

In November 2019, my mom passed away in Marseille. All these paintings and drawings were stored at her house since I moved from Paris to the US in 2000. Helped by dear friends, it was decided to show these paintings and drawings in three locations in Marseille:
– INSERM / INMED on Luminy Campus
– La Timone Children’s Hospital, in Pr. Chabrol’s neurology department
– Les Gorguettes High School in Cassis
These three places represent something essential for me: the first one is a place where researchers come every day to work, the second one where young patients are being treated and also where research is done, the third one where students come and learn and prepare their future.


Institut de Neurobiologie de la Méditerranée INMED UMR1249
Parc scientifique de Luminy
163 avenue de Luminy
BP13 – 13273 Marseille cedex 09 – France

Tel : +33 (4) 91 82 81 00 Fax : +33 (4) 91 82 81 01
Mail : communication.u1249@inserm.fr

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