Bulles d’Air – La Timone Children’s Hospital

La Timone Children hospital / Hôpital Enfants de la Timone
Neurology Department Pr. Chabrol / Service de neurologie du Pr Chabrol
Marseille, France.
I started the project started in May 2019.

This is a participatory installation that grows by adding one element at a time. Young patients (3 – 16 yo) from the neurology department are invited to participate, as well as their parents and siblings. Participants make at least one circle for the installation so that they can see their piece when they walk in the corridors during their stay at the hospital, or when they come back for treatments. They can also make a circle for their home and/or for their room at the hospital.

The material
The material is fun, easy to use. Every age can find in this technique something to express his creativity. If a child does not want to keep or exhibit his work, the cardboard circle and the used stickers can be recycled.

I cut circles of white cardboard in different diameters: 10, 15, 20, and 25 cm. The stickers are all round, they come in many colors and different sizes

How does it work?

Either the child participates in his room, or he/she participates in the play/artroom.

I explain to the children that they are going to make drawings with stickers on circles of cardboard. I show them briefly a few examples. The children choose their circle, and create a piece with the stickers. There is no theme per se. Stickers can be used in many different ways: monochrome, abstract with patterns, representative, randomly abstract. Then they are entirely free to use the stickers as they wish.

When they are done, children can sign their composition if they wish.

It is a fun activity, easy to do for children who have difficulty concentrating, or motor difficulties.

The installation
Each circle is taped with double tape on a wooden pod. The wooden pod is then attached to the wall with Velcro coins. This gives an excellent depth to the installation.

The person responsible for the play/artroom in the department, Wassilat Soilihi, is continuing the project with the children and is updating me with the progress.

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