Plankton Soup with Plastic at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

GLOW a Festival of Fire and Light
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
October 20th, 2018

Large scale immersive Participatory Installation about the importance of Plankton.
Size 4 walls: 33’Lx10’H- 33’Lx10’H- 40’Lx10’H- 40’Lx10’H
Material: paper, paper stickers, plastic trash collected on beaches between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, metallic wire, black lights.

2 walls were complete at the opening of the show. 2 walls were left half empty for people to participate and add to the plankton soup.

Participants are invited to draw a plankton species from scientific documents, to make it glow with fluorescent stickers and to tape it anywhere on the wall where there is some space to do so.
One nice surprise was to see how the school of fish got transformed.

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