Extraction – Fabrication – Pollution

“Growth is the measure of energy consumption and the measure of the destruction of nature. The more energy we consume, the more nature we destroy, the more growth increases. Ecology and growth are not compatible.”

Delphine Batho (2020), French politician, member of the National Assembly

We are using too much of everything on this planet and that everytime materials are extracted, or things are fabricated, it uses energy and creates pollution. So it is interesting to ask ourselves how to make it better, even in our artistic practice.

Making art with limited means, having in mind the process it takes to fabricate anything, is something I am happy to do.

Artwork related to the Anthropocene, climate change, climate emergency, energy, resources, should also address the materials used to make the art.

An Archipelago of Fragile Connections
Branches and repurposed yarn,

It is time to experiment, slow down, reflect, let go, pause.

It is time to observe nature.

It is time to accept our fragility, mirroring nature’s fragility, because we are nature.

It is time to accept the messiness. Life is messy. Art is messy. All I am doing right now does not look all organized and controlled? Good!

It is time to connect with people to think together about possible – and immediate – changes. Changes are necessary and unavoidable. I see the period we are going through as a metamorphosis.

These challenging times are also the occasion to continue to question my practice, including the materials I am using. The art studio is not exempt of the extraction process upon which we built our civilisation: the art materials comes from “somewhere”. I really like the idea of modest art, or temporary art. I like to do digital collages. It is possible I will never print them, and that’s OK.

Connecting the dots. Seeing the connections.

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