Museum School Art Auction at Jett Gallery

A group Exhibition / Museum School Art Auction at Jett Gallery / San Diego, CA.
Saturday, June 18, 2011 from 5 – 9 pm

Territories Series / Connection #26
2011, 24″x24″, acrylic on canvas

I donated a piece for the Museum School Art Auction. It is not something I am doing often. I like this cause: 100% of the proceeds benefit the Arts Programs of The Museum School. I made the piece specially for the auction, like I did last year.

From the Museum School Website:
“A fun event that brings local and national artists together to help benefit the arts programming at the Museum School. Having raised an average of $12,000 at this event each year, the Museum School reaches out to local and national artists for donation of work to be auctioned off to local patrons and art lovers. We look forward to the support of Jett Gallery in the organizing of this exciting event.”

Perry Vasquez, Michele Guieu, Jessica McCambly, John Oliver Lewis, Nancy Creech, Lori Lipsman, Ernie Silva, Richard Gleaves, Roots Factory, Kathleen Mitchell, Rich Stewart, Sean Brannan, Rondi Vasquez, Nuvia Crisol Ruland, Alexander Jarman, Kurt Thompson, Heather Martin, Teddy Cruz, Neko, Chris Puzio, Andy Ralph, Jason Sherry, Anthony Levas, Lindy Ivey, Erin Pennell, James Ivey, Phil Beaumont, Josh Higgins, Paul Frank, Gilbert Neri, Siobhan Arnold, Ora Mae, Otis B., Dan Allen, Joey Vaiasuso, Matt Devine, Dutch Perry, Jorge Pina, Jen Jansen.

Jett Gallery
989 W. Kalmia St.,
San Diego, CA 92101

“Alice” at Space 4 Art

Group Exhibition / Drawing Expanses: Expanding the Traditional Definition of Drawing.
Space 4 Art / San Diego, CA
June 11 – July 17, 2011

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Alice, Installation of 9 drawings, acrylic and ink on book pages (Alice in Wonderland) mounted on wooden board. Installation dimension: width: 64” x height: 37”, 2011.

Statement for Alice

My drawings are about interpreting a complex world using a spontaneous medium.
Economical / simple means and simple materials matter.
The process is about resisting the speed/experiencing slowness and loving “hands on” making.
In my practice, I am using a variety of medium (traditional and nontraditional) and drawings on paper is a thread through my work, using personal experience, words, signs, appropriating popular tales like Alice in Wonderland (Alice’s installation of drawings) or exploring current science topic like genetic manipulation (Biodiversity Series) . They usually go in series, and they are often mixed with other media (painted walls, video).

David White, founder of Agitprop
and Karen McGuire of the Cannon Art Gallery

Curated and juried by local art experts, Karen McGuire and David White, the show is an overview of the expansive potential of drawing in contemporary art. Drawing continues to evolve as a medium, encompassing flat work, sculpture, performance, photography and video. From the most traditional to the most experimental, all forms of drawing share the common language of mark making, gesture, notation and line. “Drawing Expanse” will illuminate the ways in which drawing continues to influence art.

Space 4 Art
325 15th Street
San Diego CA 92101

“Sheet” / What Women Want

Group Exhibition: What Women Want
The Lyceum Theater, San Diego, CA.
March 16 – April 17, 2011

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2011, digital print on cotton, beads, metallic wire, wall fixations – 8 feet wide x 5 feet high

My Statement for “Sheet”

Stories heard
from female friends
from women I’ve met
during my travels.
Stories I’ve read,
novels and news,
from everywhere.

“What Women Want” is an exploration of what women desire out of life, personally, socially, and politically. This multimedia art exhibition is linked thematically to San Diego REPertory Theatre’s presentation of “In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play,” March 19-April 17 on the Lyceum Stage. This comedy by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Sam Woodhouse, is about the politics of desire and sexuality, and is set in the Victorian Era.

Artists: Irene Abraham, Jennifer Anne Bennett, Jocelyn Duke, Jeanne Dunn, Michele Guieu, Sally Hagy-Boyer, Misty Hawkins, Regina Herod, Daphne Hill, Prudence Horne, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, Lisa Hutton, Lori Lipsman, Kathy Miller, Amy Paul, Ginger Rosser, Therese Rossi, Anna Stump, Marcela Villaseñor, Anna Zappoli.

San Diego CITYBEAT covers at Alexander Salazar Fine Art

San Diego CITYBEAT group Exhibition / February 24 – March 1, 2011
Alexander Salazar Fine Art, San Diego.

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The original work used for the cover
A Time To Heal # 4
24″x24″, plexiglas face mounted archival digital print
limited edition of 5

Citybeat COVERS Art Exhibition

“CityBeat has been showcasing local artists on our cover for years and no one has ever taken the initiative to put together an exhibition. I’m excited that Alexander Salazar Fine Art—the Energizer Bunny of the local art scene—took an interest in our covers and decided to spend the energy to put together this show. I think the breadth and depth of the San Diego art scene will finally be shown off in an awesome way, and I hope Alexander decides to make this a big annual event.”
—Kinsee Morlan, arts editor, San Diego CityBeat

The covers of CityBeat Magazine will dominate the walls of Alexander Salazar’s 5,000 sq ft Art Auction House this February for one week only. The main wine reception will take place February 24th at 6pm with opportunity for collectors to meet the artists behind the cover. Located at 1040, 7th Avenue, artists will also include a work of art to be part of the LIVE AUCTION. It will be an exciting night celebrating one of San Diego’s most prominent publications and its dedication to San Diego Artists.

CityBeat is published every Wednesday, with a weekly circulation of 50,000. The distribution area includes all of San Diego County, from the Mexican border in the South County, to Oceanside in the North County.

Alexander Salazar Fine Art offers 7,000 square feet of art exhibition space in Downtown San Diego featuring the works of international and emerging artists. The gallery also exhibits the works of over 25 San Diego Artists. He encourages the appreciation and understanding of art and its vital role in our society through many exhibitions, artist lectures, community event sponsorship and charity events. A must visit when touring San Diego, located at 7th and Broadway.

Alexander Salazar Fine Art
Tel: 619-531-8996

“Lynn Susholtz” / Movers and Shakers

Art Expressions Gallery / Movers and Shakers / San Diego, CA.
January 21 – February 6, 2010

Lynn Susholtz
acrylic and ink on canvas 6x[24″x24″]
private collection

Exhibited in the show: Movers and Shakers Project (phase II)

My piece for that group show is about Lynn Susholtz, Director of Art Produce Gallery, San Diego. Artist, art activist, teacher, gallery owner, organizer of events (dance, music, lectures, talks), she is an important actor in the San Diego art scene. I wanted a multi-faceted image. Her gallery, Art Produce, won last November a “2009 Orchid Award for Public Art”: “When artist Lynn Susholtz renovated the old North Park Produce building into Art Produce, her plans included a “pedestrian art gallery.” The long and narrow space has storefront windows along University Avenue,where the art is part of the street, the art viewer is also on display, and the activity of the street becomes part of the experience of the art. Places like this are fundamental to the experience of walking in the city. It creates a public space, a meeting space. It is places like this gallery and the view it shares with the street, that make walking in the city worthwhile.

Art Expressions Gallery
2645 Financial Court, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92117

San Diego Museum of Art / Summer Salon Series

“A Different Look at the Permanent Collection”
San Diego Museum of ArtSummer Salon Series
July 8, 2010

I was invited to participate to the Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art. Each artist or group of artists was invited for a one night event, held every Thursday during the whole summer. My project revolved around the use of the permanent collection of the museum. Everything was specially made for that evening.

A Different Look at the Permanent collection” is based on a selection of pieces constituting the museum’s permanent collection.

“The Bedroom Series” / Vacancy 3

Vacancy 3 / One night / One empty Apartment / San Diego, CA.
July 11, 2010

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26 photos of bedrooms taken by 26 different artists, each print is 11×19″.

Vacancy is an interesting concept developed by Lori Lipsman. Some time to time a tenant leaves an apartment she owns in North Park. She then organizes – with not much time – a “one night” or “one day” show with a group of artists, dividing the apartment into spaces for different projects. Last time, for Vacancy 2, I’ve got the living room, this time I’ve got the bedroom. It is an exciting project to work on.

“The Bedroom Series “
Having the space of the (empty) bedroom in the vacant apartment, I decided it would be interesting to ask a group of artists/friends to send me a jpeg of their bedroom. There was no special requirements except sending a photo of the bedroom where one can see the bed and to send a jpeg large enough to be printed with a good definition. I really am interested in “site-responsive” installations, something the Vacancy series seems to be made for!

Artists participating: Irene Abraham, Janie Altmann, Richard ChauDavis , Guillaume Cherel, Armando de la Torre, Andrea Chamberlin, Jean et Julia Dubranna-Uitz, Sam Frazier, Janine Free, Christine Freitas, Richard Gleaves, Carol Graber, Michele Guieu, Craig Kane, David Krimmel, Lori Lipsman, Michael Maas, Eric Meyer, Jfre Robot Coad, Ronaldo P., Wendy and Michael Ruiz , Ivan Sigg, Drew Snyder, Anna Stump, Katherine Sweetman, Maura Vazakas.

San Diego Museum of Art / Summer Salon Series

“A Different Look at the Permanent Collection”
San Diego Museum of ArtSummer Salon Series
July 8, 2010


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I was invited to participate to the Summer Salon Series at the San Diego Museum of Art.Each artist or group of artists was invited for a one night event, held every Thursday during the whole summer. My project revolved around the use of the permanent collection of the museum. Everything was specially made for that evening.

I had banners made specially for the occasion, made a video (projected inside), projected images on the outside walls of the museum, had a workshop for people to participate to, invited a group of music, and a silk-screen printed who printed t-shirts on the spot as give aways.

A Different Look at the Permanent collection“is based on a selection of pieces constituting the museum’s permanent collection.

The people could chose between a t-shirt or a limited edition print (limited editions of 10 each on BFK Rives – 30 prints in total). One is the facade of the museum, one is based on “Mandragora” by Diego Rivera, the third one is based on “After many days” by Thomas Hart Benton.

My workshop took place in Gallery 16. The idea for the people participating to the workshop was to chose a painting which inspires them. To chose a detail or the whole painting and to make an interpretation in black and white of the chosen part. To keep only a few details. They had to draw shapes on a black card stock. Then they could cut the shapes and glue them on a white card stock. I would then take a picture of the person and her piece, in front of the chosen painting.

People told me it was great to work in that beautiful room, it was a “zen” workshop, engaging and open. I had a great time talking to people about the piece they were making. They were happy to be there and to share the moment. The quality of the work was amazing and the final “gallery” was really a beautiful piece!

video Lori Lipsman