“Lynn Susholtz” / Movers and Shakers

Art Expressions Gallery / Movers and Shakers / San Diego, CA.
January 21 – February 6, 2010

Lynn Susholtz
acrylic and ink on canvas 6x[24″x24″]
private collection

Exhibited in the show: Movers and Shakers Project (phase II)

My piece for that group show is about Lynn Susholtz, Director of Art Produce Gallery, San Diego. Artist, art activist, teacher, gallery owner, organizer of events (dance, music, lectures, talks), she is an important actor in the San Diego art scene. I wanted a multi-faceted image. Her gallery, Art Produce, won last November a “2009 Orchid Award for Public Art”: “When artist Lynn Susholtz renovated the old North Park Produce building into Art Produce, her plans included a “pedestrian art gallery.” The long and narrow space has storefront windows along University Avenue,where the art is part of the street, the art viewer is also on display, and the activity of the street becomes part of the experience of the art. Places like this are fundamental to the experience of walking in the city. It creates a public space, a meeting space. It is places like this gallery and the view it shares with the street, that make walking in the city worthwhile.

Art Expressions Gallery
2645 Financial Court, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92117

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