Museum School Art Auction at Jett Gallery

A group Exhibition / Museum School Art Auction at Jett Gallery / San Diego, CA.
Saturday, June 18, 2011 from 5 – 9 pm

Territories Series / Connection #26
2011, 24″x24″, acrylic on canvas

I donated a piece for the Museum School Art Auction. It is not something I am doing often. I like this cause: 100% of the proceeds benefit the Arts Programs of The Museum School. I made the piece specially for the auction, like I did last year.

From the Museum School Website:
“A fun event that brings local and national artists together to help benefit the arts programming at the Museum School. Having raised an average of $12,000 at this event each year, the Museum School reaches out to local and national artists for donation of work to be auctioned off to local patrons and art lovers. We look forward to the support of Jett Gallery in the organizing of this exciting event.”

Perry Vasquez, Michele Guieu, Jessica McCambly, John Oliver Lewis, Nancy Creech, Lori Lipsman, Ernie Silva, Richard Gleaves, Roots Factory, Kathleen Mitchell, Rich Stewart, Sean Brannan, Rondi Vasquez, Nuvia Crisol Ruland, Alexander Jarman, Kurt Thompson, Heather Martin, Teddy Cruz, Neko, Chris Puzio, Andy Ralph, Jason Sherry, Anthony Levas, Lindy Ivey, Erin Pennell, James Ivey, Phil Beaumont, Josh Higgins, Paul Frank, Gilbert Neri, Siobhan Arnold, Ora Mae, Otis B., Dan Allen, Joey Vaiasuso, Matt Devine, Dutch Perry, Jorge Pina, Jen Jansen.

Jett Gallery
989 W. Kalmia St.,
San Diego, CA 92101

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