“Alice” at Space 4 Art

Group Exhibition / Drawing Expanses: Expanding the Traditional Definition of Drawing.
Space 4 Art / San Diego, CA
June 11 – July 17, 2011

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Alice, Installation of 9 drawings, acrylic and ink on book pages (Alice in Wonderland) mounted on wooden board. Installation dimension: width: 64” x height: 37”, 2011.

Statement for Alice

My drawings are about interpreting a complex world using a spontaneous medium.
Economical / simple means and simple materials matter.
The process is about resisting the speed/experiencing slowness and loving “hands on” making.
In my practice, I am using a variety of medium (traditional and nontraditional) and drawings on paper is a thread through my work, using personal experience, words, signs, appropriating popular tales like Alice in Wonderland (Alice’s installation of drawings) or exploring current science topic like genetic manipulation (Biodiversity Series) . They usually go in series, and they are often mixed with other media (painted walls, video).

David White, founder of Agitprop
and Karen McGuire of the Cannon Art Gallery

Curated and juried by local art experts, Karen McGuire and David White, the show is an overview of the expansive potential of drawing in contemporary art. Drawing continues to evolve as a medium, encompassing flat work, sculpture, performance, photography and video. From the most traditional to the most experimental, all forms of drawing share the common language of mark making, gesture, notation and line. “Drawing Expanse” will illuminate the ways in which drawing continues to influence art.

Space 4 Art
325 15th Street
San Diego CA 92101

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