“Art is Dead / Art is Alive” produced by the Border Corps

Participation in Art is Dead / Art is Alive, produced by the Border Corps for the exhibition “Here Not There” at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). Editor and Art Director: Perry Vasquez.
Jun 06, 2010–Sep 19, 2010 at MCASD La Jolla, CA.

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At the MCASD La Jolla, with Lori Lipsman, also invited to participate to the Border Corps’ zine, next to the Border Media Cart, where people can grab a copy of the zine.
The Border Corps Media Cart: fabrication Armando de la Torre, video by Xavier Vasquez, sound by Anthony Vasquez.

Editor/Art Director: Perry Vasquez
Cover Design and printing: Rondi Vasquez

Contributors: Jim Miller, Mark Dery, Bill Nericcio, Jim Ruland, Michele Guieu, Lori Lipsman, Doris Bittar, Nuvia Crisol Guerra, Omar Pimienta, Art as Authority, Shondra Dawson, Tony Allard, Endy, David White, Perry Vasquez.

MCASD La Jolla
700 Prospect Street
La Jolla, CA 92037-4291

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