“The Bedroom Series” / Vacancy 3

Vacancy 3 / One night / One empty Apartment / San Diego, CA.
July 11, 2010

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26 photos of bedrooms taken by 26 different artists, each print is 11×19″.

Vacancy is an interesting concept developed by Lori Lipsman. Some time to time a tenant leaves an apartment she owns in North Park. She then organizes – with not much time – a “one night” or “one day” show with a group of artists, dividing the apartment into spaces for different projects. Last time, for Vacancy 2, I’ve got the living room, this time I’ve got the bedroom. It is an exciting project to work on.

“The Bedroom Series “
Having the space of the (empty) bedroom in the vacant apartment, I decided it would be interesting to ask a group of artists/friends to send me a jpeg of their bedroom. There was no special requirements except sending a photo of the bedroom where one can see the bed and to send a jpeg large enough to be printed with a good definition. I really am interested in “site-responsive” installations, something the Vacancy series seems to be made for!

Artists participating: Irene Abraham, Janie Altmann, Richard ChauDavis , Guillaume Cherel, Armando de la Torre, Andrea Chamberlin, Jean et Julia Dubranna-Uitz, Sam Frazier, Janine Free, Christine Freitas, Richard Gleaves, Carol Graber, Michele Guieu, Craig Kane, David Krimmel, Lori Lipsman, Michael Maas, Eric Meyer, Jfre Robot Coad, Ronaldo P., Wendy and Michael Ruiz , Ivan Sigg, Drew Snyder, Anna Stump, Katherine Sweetman, Maura Vazakas.

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