Art Auction for the Museum School at Jett Gallery

Art Auction for the Museum School
Jett Gallery, San Diego, CA. Saturday, June 26, 2010.

My piece for the auction:

Territories Series / Connections #20
acrylic on canvas, 2010

Acamonchi , Anna OCain , Aram Jibilian , Branan Freeman , Bret Barret , Chris Clements , Cynthia Colis , Dan Allen , Daniel Martinez , Dave Lively , David Talbot , David White , DJ Bee , fundraiser , Gilbert Neri , Gustav Rooth , Ingram Ober , James Ivey , James Watts , Jessica McCambly , Jim Yuran , Joey Vaissuso , John Lewis , Joseph Bennett , Josh Herman , Josh Higgins , Joshua Krause , Josue Castro , Kati McCord , Kelly Hutchinson , Kristi Cherundolo , lindsey Nobel , Lindy Ivey , Little Italy , Lori Sipsman , Matt Devine , Michele Guieu , Nancy Creech , Paul Frank , Perry Vasquez , Steve Eilenbert , Valo Riberto , Wendell Kling.

The Museum School
989 W. Kalmia St.
San Diego, CA, 92101

“C’est La Vie” at the San Diego Art Institute

Solo Exhibition
San Diego Art Institute / Balboa Park / San Diego CA
Thursday, June 4, to Sunday, July 12, 2009

A San Diego Artist distills everyday moments and world events into a pure essence of color, space, and shadows, inspiring others to connect to the world around us.
Sandra Shrader, Under the Sun Magazine, June 2009.

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“C’est la Vie”, a site-specific project, 2009 – 45 feet
photos Leslie Ryan

Created and painted from a series of recent photographs of landscapes and of people, taken in San Diego and in the adjacent deserts, “C’est la Vie” proposes a series of snapshots of the way I see the place where I live.

The puzzle-like installation, made especially for the SDAI space, continues the exploration started with “Here it’s Peace”, my first solo show at the SDAI in June 2008, and with the ensemble of six large paintings “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” presented in the show “New Contemporaries II” (San Diego Art Prize 2009) at Noel-Baza Fine Art in February-March 2009.

“Correspondences and Elevation” at the San Diego Art Institute

An Installation of Paintings
San Diego Art Institute / Balboa Park / San Diego, CA
June 18 – July 18, 2010

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“Correspondences and Elevation” is a 40×12′ installation of paintings, from floor to ceiling. Each painting is either 60″x36″, 48″x36″ or 36″x36″. The series shown in this exhibition is comprised of paintings inspired by the Pacific ocean and the desert surrounding San Diego, where Michele Guieu lives. Her paintings question the relationship between the human beings and nature which echoes the catastrophe of the massive oil spill happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico.

Seas, oceans and deserts have always been part of Guieu’s life. She was born in Marseille, a French town on the Mediterranean sea. She then lived in Dakar for several years, on the Atlantic Ocean and in the Saharan desert. When living in Paris, she would often go to the Atlantic Ocean. Living in California, she now finds inspiration in both the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding deserts. She spends time watching people walking on the beach. In the desert, the people in the paintings are mostly her family.

Guieu is profoundly attached to empty landscapes and spaces. This attachment was given to her by her father at a young age. “The Flower of Evil”, where one can find “Elevation” and “Correspondences” was the first book of poems her father gave to her when she was in her early teens. She read “Elevation” at his funeral.

These two poems are a hymn to nature and also carry nostalgia and sadness for a lost paradise, which echoes what is happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico..

Michele Guieu takes photos wherever she goes. She then work these photos in Photoshop, keeping only the essential elements. In the end she paints the images on large canvases.

“When I started to organize the pieces that now constitute this series, I used canvases that were identical in height but variable in width. They fit together both physically and in content, like stanzas of a poem. Some of these paintings were originally created as diptychs, and the diptychs appear in their entirety here.

The arrangement and composition of this group of paintings invites change. This composition could absorb new paintings; pieces could be reorganized and presented differently in spaces of different proportions.

For this exhibition, I considered the dynamics of the space first and experimented with the size of the wall and the scale of the art, and the way one can read the piece as a whole from a distance and read each element when being up close.

Each element is a result of my experiments with outdoor spaces. This exhibition is an opportunity for me to experiment with bringing these elements into a relationship with indoor space.

I borrowed the title “Correspondences and Elevation” from two of my favorite Baudelaire poems. Those poems express a connection to a sequence of scenes from a life and a living landscape.”

“Correspondences” by Charles Baudelaire
“Elevation” by Charles Baudelaire

“Living Room with Ghost and no TV” / Vacancy 2

Vacancy 2 / group show
One Night / One vacant apartment / 15 artists
February 5, 2010

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About “Living Room with Ghost and no TV” or “Watching the campfire”

I worked in the living room. I created a mural about the “TV room”. TV is usually the central element at people’s houses. I personally do not watch TV but I wanted to use one as a “fireplace”, with a video of a campfire I took in Anza Borrego Desert a few weeks ago, when we were camping. So one TV is working, the other one is empty. 2 men are watching.

Sprinkled on the walls are a series of photos taken during dinner time, birthday parties, at family and friends’, at moments where the TV is turned off. Some small paintings are also on the wall.

I worked three days on the installation, and the show was only for one night. Then I painted the walls back to white.

The exhibition took place at Lori Lipsman‘s who curated and organized it. Four artists had one room each. A special project took place in the kitchen, the “Leftovers Project”. The concept for that project was to re-work some piece already made and transform it for the event.