“Living Room with Ghost and no TV” / Vacancy 2

Vacancy 2 / group show
One Night / One vacant apartment / 15 artists
February 5, 2010

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About “Living Room with Ghost and no TV” or “Watching the campfire”

I worked in the living room. I created a mural about the “TV room”. TV is usually the central element at people’s houses. I personally do not watch TV but I wanted to use one as a “fireplace”, with a video of a campfire I took in Anza Borrego Desert a few weeks ago, when we were camping. So one TV is working, the other one is empty. 2 men are watching.

Sprinkled on the walls are a series of photos taken during dinner time, birthday parties, at family and friends’, at moments where the TV is turned off. Some small paintings are also on the wall.

I worked three days on the installation, and the show was only for one night. Then I painted the walls back to white.

The exhibition took place at Lori Lipsman‘s who curated and organized it. Four artists had one room each. A special project took place in the kitchen, the “Leftovers Project”. The concept for that project was to re-work some piece already made and transform it for the event.

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