Plankton: Our invisible Foundation – an immersive installation at school

This project is an adaptation of a participatory installation I created for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in October 2015: Plankton Our Invisible Foundation.

The students create elements for a collective mural representing an ensemble of enlarged plankton organisms.  The black light makes the reflective elements seem to float in the space.

Why is plankton so important? Why should we care about it? Why should we take the time to create a mural that is a tribute to it?
Can we do something powerful together? Is it possible to make art with very simple materials and techniques?

Science: plankton, bioluminescence
art: installation, mural, collaborative work

Village Elementary School, 2nd grade, Campbell, CA, Spring 2016.
Montalvo Arts Center / Teaching Artists Program / 10 session project.