April 26, from 6 to 8 p.m.
Sunnyvale Library – Program Room – Free Workshop

Using paper cuts and photography, participants 7 and up created a poster about how to protect our watershed, including our bay, a rich, unique and fragile eco-system.
Jackie Davison, Environmental Outreach Coordinator at the Environmental Services Department in Sunnyvale, demonstrated the consequences of human activities on our watershed with an enviroscape.


Why is it important for the students to know about this?
– they need to know about their environment and the importance of the bay in our region.
– they use technology while incorporation a traditional technique (paper cuts)
– they learn how to express a concept with a simple image and a simple message
– they learn graphic design basics (composition, contrast, lettering) that they can use in many other occasions

Here are some photos taken during the workshop.

This workshop was organized on the occasion of EARTH DAY 2016. My installation “Coastal Cleanup” is on view at the Sunnyvale Public Library during the month of April 2016.
“Coastal Cleanup” is an installation of the trash found in the wetlands around the Bay in Sunnyvale.

Material: Trash collected in the wetlands along the Bay in Sunnyvale, metallic Structure (dimensions: 120” length x 72” height x 19”depth).

Coastal Cleanup Installation
Coastal Cleanup Installation at the Sunnyvale Public Library