Sea Food Watch with the Monterey Bay Aquarium App: Collage Poster

This exercise is inspired by the release of the app. Seafood Watch by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The choices we all make concerning seafood are very important for the future of the ocean. Everyone can use the Seafood watch to make the best choices when buying seafood items. This app and its application are right in the alley of the new NGSS “Earth and Human Activity”. The students learn about seafood and how it is caught around the world and what are the best (and worst!) fishing techniques and farming techniques. Each student chose a species, made a watercolor and created the lettering for the name, and made a collage completed with a tag explaining why that species is a good or a bad choice to buy. And had their parents uploading the app to help the family making the best choices at the store!

Village Elementary School, 2nd grade, Campbell, CA, Spring 2016.
Montalvo Arts Center / Teaching Artists Program / 10 session project.