The Secret World of Pollination / Germination Observation

Rosemary Elementary School / 2nd grade
Teaching Artists Program / Montalvo Arts Center / A 10 jour project (one hour per week for 10 weeks).

Unit: The Secret World of Pollination / Germination Observation

A seed contains the beginning of a new plant.
Seeds are different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.
What do you see when you observe a seed germinating?
What does a seed need to germinate?

Observation drawing is a skill. It takes time to acquire it, but the most important is to practice. Details are important.
See the different sizes, shapes, colors, textures.

Nature is the provider of all our resources. Seeing a plant grow from a seed broaden the young students’ awareness of the world around them. Ideally they should all be growing a garden at school.
With climate change’s challenges, fostering a connection to nature is more important than ever.
Connections with nature in the region where we live.
The importance of focussing, taking the time, practicing, trying.

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