The Secret World of Pollination / Flower Parts

Rosemary Elementary School / 2nd grade
Teaching Artists Program / Montalvo Arts Center / A 10 hour project (one hour per week for 10 weeks).

Unit: The Secret World of Pollination / Flower Parts (3 x one hour session)
Lesson written in collaboration with Marie-Helene Bauguil, artist and art educator.

There are stages of plant development (seed, plant, flower, fruit). A flower is made up of many parts. Before a seed can begin to grow, a grain of pollen from the stamen must land on the stigma at the at he top of the pistil of a flower like itself. This is called pollination.
To study the flower parts, I chose a lily stargazer.
1. Students first observed and recreated the pistil with the pistil, stigma and stamen with pipe-cleaners.
2. Then they observed and drew the petals, in proportion to the pistil.
3. They assembled the parts and labeled their 3D collage.

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