ART TREK summer camp at Montalvo Arts Center

June 22-26, 2015 at the Barn Studio, Montalvo Arts Center.

Art Trek is about going every day outdoor to sketch (in the Italian Garden, the Phelan Garden, the Redwood forest, along the Lookout trail); and to come back to the studio to paint draw, using different techniques like tempera, dry pastels, watercolor inks. Every day I take pictures during the walks, that I print and bring the following day to study in the studio. This year Art Trek was taking place at the Barn Studio which is the perfect place for a group of young artists who love nature! This camp focuses a lot on observation. It is about taking the time to look and draw what we see not the idea we have of a flower, a tree, a leaf. The students have to persevere through tries and let the beautiful nature around inspire them.