WATERSCAPES OF OUR REGION (part 2): Watercolors

Montalvo Arts Center / Teaching Artists in the Schools Residency / 4th grade, 10 session project, Schallenberger Elementary School, San Jose, CA, Fall 2016.

This lesson is the continuation of the exercise about the waterscapes of our region. This part is also very important for observation. This time the students concentrate on the nuances of the earth tones each waterscape offers. The close observation of the photo and the different tries of mixing the primary colors inks are key to recreate accurate tones.
1. The session start with a short demo – how to use the watercolor inks, the role of the water, the fact that there is no white. Quick questions about the primary colors and their use.
2. The students find the different colors they have on the photograph they are studying. I ask them to find at least one color they see in the sky in their photo, one color for the land and one color for the water. They note the tones on their paper. They make the tries on the same watercolor paper.
3. They keep their tries and start working on their landscapes.

The session of course went fast. It looks like the students were very interested in the process so we are going to extend the experimentation with watercolor inks to the next session.

(lesson part 1) here.