Rocks and Soil (2nd grade) session 7 / going outside drawing trees

Before going outside I asked the students “What is soil made of?”. They are learning about Rocks and Soil in Science and that’s the program we are following. They knew about the rocks which are eroding and giving minerals to the soil. The rest was not obvious but the students in pretty much each class found all the different elements. We talked about the living organisms, the plants, the animals that either are alive or dead and what happens to them. And now the question is: “And what does that soil do?” it grow plants! All sorts of plants, the plants which decorate the streets, the plants in the forest, the trees and all the plants we eat.It is just amazing! I tell the students that I am still amazed by the fact that a seed can become a tree taller than a house!
So let’s see one of those trees, there is one just outside the classroom. It is unique. Let’s pay attention to its shape, to its trunk and main branches. How is it structured? Does the branches grow equally around? Is one side more developed? Drawing on white paper, with a soft pencil and/or a sharpie.

At the end of session we looked at all the drawing. And we talked about what we like and most importantly why.