Plastic Pollution Awareness: Poster making with tablet

I was invited by Jackie Davison, Environmental Outreach Coordinator at the Environmental Services Department in Sunnyvale to teach a workshop for middle school and high school students at Fair Oaks Park. I brought some trash collected on the beach in Santa Cruz and trash collected during a coastal cleanup. Jackie Davison brought trash collected around the schools.

The students who came are organizing School Go Green clubs in their schools, which is really awesome! They are interested in techniques to spread the word about recycling, consuming less plastic.

I proposed to them a technique they can apply to posters (image + message).

– Students work on a flexible composition with elements – in this case trash (no glue)
– they take a photo
– they upload the photo in  the app. PicCollage (free) and add text
– they save the version of the poster
– they can change the composition and/or the text and save another version of their poster, etc.
It is a great exercise, where multiple versions can be save, elements and text can be changed. The posters can be share on social media.

I am interested to further this collaboration and teach this workshop on campus with these awesome motivated students!