National River Cleanup Day 2017

River Cleanup Day 2017/ Designing Posters Using Digital Tablets / 2nd grade
The posters were shown at the Santa Clara Valley Water headquarters and shared on their website, with of Ricardo L. Barajas, MPA, Volunteer & Community Relations Program.

Rosemary Elementary School, Campbell, CA.
Part of a 10 session arts-integrated-into-science project / From Our Watershed to the Ocean.
Montalvo Arts Center / Teaching Artist Program.

Using design thinking concepts, students worked individually to create a unique digital poster about River Cleanup Day 2017, a real life event happening in their region, using an iPad and the app Pic Collage.

Santa Clara Valley waterways flow into the San Francisco and Monterey bays, taking all the pollutants, debris and trash accumulated upstream with them. This poses a great threat to vegetation, wildlife and humans. In addition, more than five decades of growing urbanization means more runoff — bringing with it even more trash and debris — into local storm drains, many of which empty into our creeks and eventually into the bay. Each year, volunteers are needed to help cleanup rivers and creeks in our region and around the US.

The students got some documentation about the river cleanup day, including images. They sketched ideas for their posters, created their image with paper cuts (elements are never glued so that they can be moved around). Then they took a photo of the composition and added the text with the app. They tried different compositions, using different fonts/colors/sizes for their message and text. They explored how to articulate text and image to create a clear message. This exercise is about flexibility: what elements can I change/move around so that my poster becomes stronger, clearer? Students learned about graphic design basics including space, composition, contrast and balance.