Making a gift for someone special with natural materials

K-5 Makerspace Project at Village School using natural materials found in the neighborhood: pine cones, mini pine cones, pine needles, leaves, twigs, branches, small rocks, seed pods. Students create a gift for someone special. I pre-laser wreath template made of cardboard, but students can do whatever they wish. This activity offers an opportunity to reflect on the materials we use to make things. Where do they come from? What is a natural material vs a manufactured one? What are the qualities of the found materials: colors, patterns, fragility, flexibility.

I add to the mix discarded pieces from projects I am making on the laser cutter, yarn, and various types of twine.

Students are encouraged to solve the problems they encounter as they create their own objects. Peer to peer help is also encouraged to find solutions.

Parents who help in the makerspace love this project and are happy to make their own!

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