Forces and Motion: Blow Painting

Arts Integration Residency with Montalvo Arts Center – in Campbell, CA.
I did this Unit in four elementary schools:
– Sherman Oaks Elementary (Spring 2015)
– Capri Elementary (Fall 2014)
– Village Elementary (Spring 2013)
– Lynhaven Elementary (Spring 2013)

The students understand the push force through experimentation with a traditional yet accessible and fun art process. The students understand that the amount of force they use is directly correlated to the distance the ink crosses. Using the straw or not changes the intensity of the push force. Also the position of the straw with the paper changes the distance the ink can cross. By pushing primary colors on the paper in different directions, the students create secondary colors. They create an abstract painting, open to interpretation. The discussion at the end of the class is about the science and the art.

Lesson here.