Art and the Environment Camp 2018 Day Two / 2 activities

The region we live in, The San Francisco Bay Area, is beautiful and fragile and needs our attention and care. Discover the importance of water and the consequences of human activity on our watershed and on the ocean. From individual work to a group installation, campers make art and design projects, exploring mini-landscaping, basic circuitry and soldering, and graphic design. 

Part of the Art and Design Thinking Camp, a six week enrichment program in San Jose supported by the AYA (Alliance for Youth Achievement) . The A&D Camp is 6 weeks long, one art educators/instructors per week.
Week One: Art and the Environment.


1. Light Up Cards
Introduction to paper circuitry. Make a light Up card with paper cuts, copper tape, and Chibitronics LEDs, and coin cell batteries.

2.  Data Visualization with Guest Speaker – Elizabeth Sylvan, Senior Research Scientist at Nexmap
An exciting perspective on how to map communities environmental concerns. Presentation and hands-on activity.


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