Art and Environment Week / Art and Design Thinking Camp

Part of the AREF Arts and Design Thinking Camp (6 weeks with 6 different art educators/instructors)
AREF: Alum Rock Education Foundation
Week 2: Art and Environment
July 5 to July 8, 2016
, Alum Rock, San Antonio Elementary School, San Jose, CA

We love the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean! In this week campers make art projects about the importance of water and the consequences of human activity on our watershed and on the ocean. From individual work to group installations, they will explore various techniques including mini-landscaping, shadow theatre, graphic design basics, photo and video.

Art and Design Thinking Summer Camp is A six week enrichment camp in San Jose. This camp is a program supported by the Alum Rock Educational Foundation.

Day 1 – Making a Terrarium, learning about the water cycle and creating a mini world.

Making Symbols About Water

Day 2 – Making a Poster about Pollution Awareness in Our Watershed

A Shadow Box about Endangered Marine Species

Day 3 – Short Stories about the human impact on the Ocean – Shadow Theatre and Video

Day 4 – Plankton Installation – Learning about an essential but (almost) invisible world.