What’s Next for Earth: How Are You Doing? Art Call

What’s Next forEarth’s is a Community Art Project to reflect on the Covid19 period and to re-invent the future. Normal was the problem.
@WhatsNextForEarth’s sixth project is “How Are You Doing”.
August 2020.

What's Next For Earth Resilience Art Call

After months of lockdowns, confinements, and experiencing fundamental changes in the way most of us live and work, the summer of 2020 brought more uncertainty and more questions concerning our future, with many people experiencing climate change events, like heat waves and fires in California. 2020 is taking a toll on people’s mental health and, as we have entered uncharted territories in term of interconnections between environment, economy, energy and equity, we need to be able to rely on each other more than ever.
During the month of August 2020, artists on Instagram were invited to answer the question “How are You Doing?” by posting an image and a caption on their Instagram page. Contributions were reposted on What’s Next for Earth’s Instagram page. The contributions are also published on the MAHB Arts Community Page.
Here are some of them: 

Deborah Kennedy (Bay Area California, US)
Instagram: @deborahkennedyart
This is a detail of a drawing I made during last year’s traumatic fires in California. Sadly California is burning again. I have been an avid backpacker and hiker all my life. It is heartbreaking to see so many places I have loved burning so fiercely. The indigenous people who lived here did “forest gardening.” They burned out the undergrowth during the wet seasons. After decades of fire suppression, there is too much fuel in our forests, making the fires so hot and persistent. (Rakes are not going to fix this!) Also, recent research has revealed that our life-giving California fog has decreased by 33% in the last hundred years. We were told this was coming by climate scientists, when will we listen and respond?
Janis Selby Jones (Vista, California, US)
Instagram: @janisselbyjones
On a scale of plastic, how are you doing today?
In March, all work-related meetings moved on-line, and facilitators had to find new ways to gauge the comfort and interest levels of participants. I have been in several Zoom calls that began with “On a scale of a cat, how are you feeling?” memes. These humorous check-ins can relax the audience while allowing the presenter to acknowledge that some people might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
So now, I sincerely want to know how you are doing. Please check-in by choosing the plastic face that expresses how you are feeling. Then add the corresponding number to the comments and explain why you picked it.
By sharing our current states of being along with what makes us happy and gives us hope, and by expressing our deepest fears and things that make us angry, we can lift each other up and support one another during these uncertain times—and beyond.
“On a Scale of Plastic” was made with unaltered plastic debris found on North County San Diego beaches.
Marie Cameron (California, US)
Instagram: @mariecameronstudio
More Rainbows, Fewer Fires 1
Found photograph, silk thread
3.5” x 3.5”
Feeling so grateful for all the firefighters who have been battling our California fires!

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