What’s next for Earth: QUARANTINE DISCOVERIES Art Call

What’s Next forEarth’s is a Community Art Project to reflect on the Covid19 period and to re-invent the future. Normal was the problem.
@WhatsNextForEarth’s second project is “Quarantine Discoveries”.
What’s Next For Earth
MAY 1 – May 22, 2020

This time of confinement we are living in is an extraordinary moment that touches nearly everyone and has changed our perspectives. During this time we have all seen and experienced things differently — in a way that we are unlikely to forget. And, for many of us, these experiences, both good and bad, have changed our perception of priorities.

For better or for worse, we have had a peek into what it means for the world to be very different from the one we are used to each day, a world in which food and supplies flow almost continuously around the globe. For some, this glimpse has meant less commute or more time with family, while for others it has meant great hardship and personal loss. And somewhere in our heads, in at least some, small way, it has made each of us reflect on what is truly important to us each day, and what is not — what we must have going forward, and what isn’t so important.

This revelation of our priorities has a role to play as we move forward on this planet that ultimately has a limited set of resources. We will be forced, one day, to decide what is and is not important — what we need versus what we want.

Between May 1 and May 22, 2020, artists on Instagram were invited to read Brittany Ganguly’s article, create an art piece, and post it on their Instagram page. A selection of the contributions was posted on What’s Next for Earth’s page. The contributions are also published on the MAHB Arts Community Page.
Here are some of them:

Cocco Hellein (France)
2 Days to deconfinement … a new blank page is there to rewrite a new story in post-confinement! My best office is here. These almost two months of “break” have left me time to settle all the events of the past ten years and all the professional and personal changes that have occurred … accelerations, successes, disappointments, and forced slowdowns. Regular adaptations so as not to suffer too much from unwanted changes. Many beautiful projects in textile design, graphics, and color expertise with a lot of energy given and transmitted and shared with and for students.
Parents who are committed and invested all their lives who started out little and who now have this house and this beautiful garden that I maintain, today aged and sick, they depend on the others, two grown girls who follow their path of study, questioning, and drawing too. So what about today? I feel ready to invest in new, more eco-responsible and united stories, to fight against all forms of authoritarianism and injustice and attacks on everyone’s freedom! To be able to choose among other things my medicine, my food, and my education! To cultivate more than ever the difference, listening, small businesses, quality more than quantity. I forgot the love of my life and my garden! And you? Where are you at?

Addy Lyon (Oceanside, California, US)
“2020 Heroes”
Illustrator Vector Art
Within this piece are people I know and care for working on the front efforts with additional representations of frontline workers who I believe deserve credit for their efforts. I see these people as heroes. Thank you frontline workers for enduring and providing for communities endlessly.
Submission for Pandemic Related art project.

Cynthia Jabar Makes (NYC, NY, US)
Thank you to my mother who gave me the seeds, imagination & strength to sow my own garden . May we all be brave enough and kind enough to share our bounty during this transformative time. Thank you Mother Earth.

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