Arousing Biophilia: Earth Day Celebration


This celebration took place at Art Ark Gallery in San Jose, during the exhibition “Arousing Biophilia”. Hands on earth friendly art activities were led by artists whose art relates to nature and the environment. I proposed to the visitors to make a mini mobile made of trash collected around the San Francisco Bay and wooden tags.

My son Harper, who is in 9th grade presented a collection of arthropods from our region, and it was amazing!

Activities Include:

Scanning the Natural World –
Artist Melinda Hurst Frye from Seattle, WA will present an artist demo on scanning the natural world. We will scan samples and specimens to see what and who the scanner captures that our eyes cannot easily see! Melinda will bring selections from her insect collection and specimens from the surrounding area, and please bring anything that you find interesting. So grab a small container of soil, decaying leaves or insects, and join us!

Create a Mini Mobile with a Purpose –
Environmental artist Michele Guieu collects plastic trash around the San Francisco Bay to make some of her installations. She invites you to use some of these materials to make a mini mobile. You’ll take home a piece that will keep you thinking about the bay and the important role each of us need to play to protect it. Help Save the Bay – Be Part of the Solution

Create Watercolor Paint Using Flowers and Plants –
Join artist Amy Hibbs in creating simple watercolor paint using flowers and plants. Be surprised by the colors and find new inspiration in the botanical world of your own backyard. You are invited to experience each stage of paint making, creating a small watercolor to take home at the end of the process. See what happens when you use parts of the plant instead of a brush to make your painting! Leave with a whole new perspective on San Jose flora.

Make Native Flower SeedBombs –
Create natural seedbombs with artist Shannon Amidon. Seedbombs are seeds wrapped in a blanket of earth, which acts as a carrier for the seeds and enables them to be launched into areas that can be physically challenging to access. They can make ugly, forgotten land beautiful and useful again. Because of their size and strength, they can be thrown over the fences, launched in alleyways and dropped into paths around your city or neighborhood.

A Collaborative Installation: Chime in and See –
Marvin Garcia is a sculptor who reclaims discarded materials like fabric, paper, plastic, and wood to create his artwork. Join Marvin as he demonstrate how he repurposes these objects and encourages you to participate in the making of a wind-activated installation made from reclaimed goods, Chime in and See.

Insect Discovery –
Harper Forbes, a student passionate about entomology will introduce you to a variety of live insects from our region. Harper loves to share his knowledge of these creatures and will be happy to answer all of your questions!

Make a Bike or Car Charm Memory-
Artist Elba Raquel Martinezl is fascinated by nature, stories, and colorful yarn. In her series “Life Strings” she merges all three by wrapping sticks in yarn and drawing personal memories to commemorate special events in her life. Remember a loved one or simply stay connected to your past by hanging your creation on your car mirror, your bike or anywhere to remind you of them.

Sponsored in part by the Awesome Foundation San Jose

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